Staying organized in this hectic life of mine

booksMy life is crazy right now.  Starting this new business, these two kids that want to be fed every single night, keeping up my home, trying desperately to keep up on my workouts, and so on is sometimes more than my mind can handle.  This could explain why I woke up the other night at 2 am, evidently dreaming that my alarm went off, and got into the shower and went down stairs and made my green tea, only to turn around and see the clock on the stove that said 2:12.

It wasn’t funny, okay maybe a little, but I REALLY hate laying on wet hair, like REALLY hate it.  It feels so nasty to me and gives me the creeps. But, I did it, because I mean really it was 2 AM!

Lately I have become kind of obsessed with starting fresh.  I have purged a ton of crap from my house, like my clothes, dishes, towels, sheet sets, toys, you name it and I’ve probably stuffed it into a bag and shipped it off to Goodwill.  I have been really trying to move over to the more minimal side of living.  With all of the big changes we have gone through lately it has really opened my eyes to the most important things, and that is my family.  I want to down size all the crap we own to make our lives more easily organizable.  Make sense?  Less stuff to organized = easier organized life.

So First I started by purging.  I sold, I donated, and I trashed.  Then, I grabbed a legal pad and wrote down every single area that I wanted to organize, and I mean every single area.  Medicine cabinet, under the kitchen sink, under the bathroom sinks, desk, junk drawer etc.  I listed each space individually so the tasks were easier to cross off.  It is much more realistic for me to ‘organize junk drawer’ than to ‘organize all kitchen drawers’.  Once I got started on that, it was kind of addicting.  I wanted to cross off more than one thing a day and before you know it I was crossing off 3 or 4.

Then I decided that I wanted/ needed to get myself a little more organized.  I am a pretty organized person when it comes to lists and stuff like that but sometimes those lists weren’t efficient.  I may have 4 different lists running for one day, and that just doesn’t work anymore.

I simplified things by making a Master List usually Sunday nights. I cross off and add things throughout the week and I take it with me everywhere.  You never know when you will think of something at a red light, and then forget to add it to your list before you get home, so take it with you.

On this list I add small projects that I would like to get done, which cleaning tasks that need to be done, work tasks, and then daily things that I would do anyway like empty dishwasher, do a load of laundry, and make your bed.  These things would probably get done even without me putting them on my list, but I REALLY take pleasure in crossing things off of my to-do list.  This makes it feel like I’m making progress, because essentially I am : )

I also found some apps that I like:

AnyList: Great for grocery lists.  It has lots of stored items in already so you can start typing hamburger patties and it’ll prefill it in for you. It also breaks them down into categories that you will be shopping in the store.  SWEET

Lift:  This little gem is pretty cool if you are goal focused.  Lately this is something that I have been trying to focus on.  Small goals, big goals whatever.  I use this app to keep track of those little goals.  Drink more water, no sweets, and then other challenging things like 25 push ups a day, 10 squats, and reading for 30 minutes.  These are just a few of the goals on my Lift list.  You can join accountability groups if you want, and it even gives you ideas of goals that you may not even be aware that you would like to set for yourself.  That is where I got the squat and push idea from.

What do you do to keep yourself organized.  Have you ever tried something new and loved it or was it a total fail?



My Go-to Shakeology recipe

I went many months chugging my Shakeology because it was so nasty, but I hated to let it go to waste.  Then my husband started drinking it.  HALLELUJAH! I didn’t have to stomach it anymore.  THEN one day, I just happened to decide to try it again, and I found the magic recipe.  I just happened to throw the miracle ingredients together and made this masterpiece.  Now, this is the ONLY way I drink it.  Again, I hate wasting, and I would hate to try and new recipe and it suck and I have to throw it out.  I just stick with this one to be safe.

My ingredients

My ingredients

Chocolate PB cup:

1 scoop Shakeology (chocolate)

1 heaping tsp Peanut butter

1 3 second squeeze of honey (precise measurements only here : ) )

7 ice cubes

7 ounces of water

7 ounces of almond milk

Couple shakes of cinnamon

Butt load of baby spinach

Directions: Blend to smithereens.


If you follow the 21 day fix, this is a great way to get in a green or two.  I always shoot for two just in case I find myself short a green come dinner time. 

DSC_0080I would have taken a picture of my final product, but I mean it’s just a shake.  It’s brown.  Honest to God, you cannot taste the spinach at ALL!! Just try it, you’ll be glad you did.

‘Skinnied’ Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Oh my goodness….. That is really all the introduction these puppies need.

These little beauties are so yummy, AND they are great to satisfy your sweet tooth while staying on track.

Skinny Reese’s Cups

1/2 Coconut oil (melted, but not hot)

1/2 cup Cocoa Powder

1/4 raw honey

1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract

Organic (or not) peanut butter

Mix all ingredients, except peanut butter, until mixed thoroughly.  Pour into cupcake liners, regular size or mini.  Pour just enough to be your bottom layer.  Then place into freezer for bottom layer to set (about 5 minutes).  Next, pour peanut butter as second layer.  I actually melted it for a second in the microwave to make it easier to get into the cups, rather than spreading.  Lastly, pour on remaining chocolate.  Place back into freezer to set cups.  These are ready to devour in less than 15 minutes.

These do however, need to stay in the fridge in order to stay hard.  They melt easily.

This recipe made 6 LARGE cups.  They were actually too large, if that’s even possible.  My next batch I will make them in my mini muffin tin, and it will make much more.  I CANNOT wait.

I did take a picture, but it wasn’t very good.  THEN they were gone before I could get my good camera out.  Ooops, don’t know how that happened.  Go make these babies!


Getting back into the groove

Things are finally starting to settle down around here.  After a whirlwind of a couple of months I think I am finally starting to find some sanity.  What has changed since my last post in February? Where do I begin…

1. I started my own business.

2.  Working from home is great…. but it’s actually very difficult.

3. Caleb started walking AT NINE MONTHS.

4. Had a few low points that I needed to rebuild from.

5.  Reevaluated some of my surroundings, and had to make some changes.

6.  A death in the family resulting in a long and unexpected road trip.

7. Another long road trip, expected.  (they call it vacation! HA!!!)

Those are just to name a few.  oh and did I mention Caleb started walking.  That pretty much takes up ALL of my free time.  Chasing, and catching, and kissing boo boos, and moving this, and baby proofing that.  It’s seriously never ending!  I didn’t expect him to walk that early, Colby didn’t walk until close to a year so I thought I had a little bit.  Nope, that child is out to burn off ALL this baby weight for sure!  (I’m okay with that too!)  If he isn’t climbing the stairs, he is splashing in the toilet, or trying to climb into the bath tub.  Did someone say wine?

Anyway, I am slowly but surely getting back into my gym routine, only it has to take place at home more often instead of the actual gym (at wee hours of the morning).  Sometimes I even get up at 4, just to sneak downstairs to be alone for FIVE MINUTES! Is that too much to ask for, really?  I think my children have hidden sensors, that tell them when I am awake and enjoying quiet time downstairs.  Minutes….. is all it takes for one of them to be calling for me or coming down the stairs.  I love those boys, don’t get me wrong, but DAMN can a Momma get FIVE minutes???

I have recently started the 21 day fix, it’s a Beachbody thing.  I actually REALLY love it.  It’s different in the fact that it isn’t some enormous ‘program’ that you need instructions to follow along with.  It’s just basically portion control of certain foods.  It’s easy to implement when you are out or even on vacation (if you can handle that sort of thing : / ) There aren’t a million pills (no pills actually), or special drinks, or weird crap you’ve gotta stand on your head to do, it’s just food.  I can handle that.   I’ll post my results once it’s over. I’m excited.

I have been creating some new recipes, healthy of course, that I look forward to sharing with you all.  I’m trying to decide if I want to post an entire meal plan or just one recipe at a time.  I’ll have to figure out which one works best.



Chicken Tamale Casserole

Chicken Tamale Casserole

This has become a new family favorite! It’s so yummy and easy. I haven’t tried to make it ahead of time and freeze or reheat so I don’t know how that would work, but leftovers have been good straight from the microwave.

Chicken Tamale Casserole:
1 box Jiffy cornbread mix
2 eggs
1 cup shredded cheese (taco mix is best)
1/2 cup milk
1 can cream style corn
1 tsp chili powder
1/2 tsp cumin
1 can enchilada sauce, red
3 cups shredded chicken
2 cups shredded cheese (taco mix)

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. In a mixing bowl mix Jiffy mix, eggs, milk, cream corn, shredded cheese, chili powder and cumin. Pour into a prepared 9×13 baking dish. Bake for 20 minutes.
Remove from oven and poke about 12 slots with a butter knife. Pour entire can of enchilada sauce all over, spread shredded chicken across entire dish, then sprinkle remaining cheese across the top. You don’t have to use 2 cups of cheese here, it’s up to you. I don’t know why you wouldn’t use 2 cups, but hey some people are weird : )
Place it back into the oven, and bake for another 20 minutes.
Get seconds.

Then you may want to take a lap. This is a far cry from my “healthy” meal stance. This is a Friday night, cheat meal type dish.

My two week meal plan

Meal Plan Banner

I’m trying something new this week.  I am so tired of going to the grocery store every weekend and spending $200, just to have “nothing to eat” come Wednesday, and to do it again next weekend!

This week I am trying to plan my meals out for two weeks.  That was the easy part.  I just simply made my list, numbered 1-14 and wrote out my meals.  I made a quick glance through my freezer and pantry and chose the first few meals based off what I already had.

Next, I had to sit down and make my list.  I had to get all of our essentials, things to make lunches, and then our planned meals.  After a few attempts I figured out what was going to work best.  I just started listing what I needed that I didn’t already have, and then when something came up in a recipe again I would just make a tally mark.  For example shredded cheese and cream of chicken soup.  Those came up quite a bit.  I’ll give you my meal plan and you can decide if you are brave enough to try it out.  I’m still at the beginning of the list.  However, I went to the grocery store to buy my entire list and my total came to $213, after my coupons and price matching (which was AWESOME, this was my first time) my total came to $193.  Now, let’s see if it really lasts two whole weeks.

1.  Ranch Chicken Pot Pie (This is a big recipe that I will make into two pans, and freeze one)

2.  Beef and Bean Enchiladas

3.  Chicken Tortilla Soup

4.  Mexican Baked Chicken

5.  Chicken Quesadillas with special sauce

6.  Homemade Pizza

7.  Poppy Seed Chicken

8.  Cajun Roasted Turkey Breast

9.  Chicken Tamale Casserole

10.  Roast Beef Melts

11.  Chicken & Broccoli Stirfry

12.  Jalapeno Stuffed Chicken

13.  Baked Spaghetti

14.  Golden Chicken Enchiladas

I will post these recipes as I make them and link them up.  Hopefully everything turns out.  Wish me luck.

Favorite things Friday

It’s been a sickly couple of weeks.  We’ve all got it and it sucks! I wish I would have found these things sooner! Aaaammmaazzzing

1.) Image Puffs tissues, with Vicks. Beware, the first one will for sure almost knock you over.  You have to be prepared for the Vicks in it.  I’d love to watch someone pick it up and go to blow their nose, unaware of the Vicks and see their face. FUNNY.  I wish I would have found these earlier in the week, BEFORE my nose was as raw as it is.  These are great.

2.)Image Baby oil gel. This stuff is great.  Put this stuff on right out of the shower and your legs will be baby smooth and perfect all day.  My shins get so dry during the winter, especially after I shave my legs.  This stuff goes on and stays all day.  It isn’t yucky an oily like you may think, it rubs in.

Another awesome use is put it on your feet at night, put on some socks, and your feet will be creamy and smooth all day.  It’s a great habit to start right after a pedicure, it makes your pedi stick around 10x longer.

Rub it into your cuticles as well, for and extended manicure.

The difference between seasons though is important to remember.  If you don’t like the shiny leg look (which I don’t) then during the summer, or any time that you will be in shorts/ dress/ or skirt sans panty hose, apply the gel while still wet in the shower then just pat dry with your towel.  The only thing this means, is that you will probably not want to reuse that towel the next day as their may be a little oily feel.  Up to you.  Laundry or legs?

Remember, a little dab goes a long way.


This is so awesome.  Simple.  You just go to the website, sign up (no annoying emails or newsletters, not one single one and I did this a month ago) and fill in your email.  They pull every single thing you are “subscribed” to. You can select, and unsubscribe from hundreds at one time.  Somehow I was subscribed to over 200 things, I cleaned up my email clutter in just minutes.

Work Out Wednesday

Work Out Wednesday

I made this workout for all of us mommas out there who want out pre-baby booty back but don’t always have time away from those precious babies to hit all the fancy machines. You can do this in the living room, bedroom, office : ) Wherever. Love this! You WILL be sore the next day. Promise.

Sprint Circuit

This workout is a calorie TORCHER!  It’s hard, you have to work your way up to the fastest (we aren’t even there yet) but it’s worth the push.  

First, crank up the treadmill to your fastest ability.  Ours right now is an 8.  Straddle your treadmill.  Then GO!

Sprint for 20 seconds, straddle and rest for 30.  This may seem like a lot, but trust me, around about round 3 you will be thankful for this rest. Do this 10 times!  

In the end you will be dying and feeling AWESOME!  

The end result of this should be incline at 5, sprinting at your highest ability, and extending the rest to 40 seconds.  It’s super hard, but when you are done you feel so pumped that you want to go lift cars! Okay, maybe not cars,  but you get my drift. 


Favorite Things Friday

Another edition of the things I’m loving.  I’m kind of addicted to Amazon.  It’s a problem.  I haven’t made one Amazon purchase this week, and that is the first time since like September : /  See, a problem.

1.) Staedtler Triplus Fineline Pens


They are so awesome, write super smooth, pretty colors and they are GREAT for filling in my Erin Condren planner.  I’m trying to color code everything to make it even more organized.  Because that only makes sense right?  Bills in red, events in blue, sports will be in green, etc. GEEK

2.) My Polar heart rate monitor


This one is great because it has the chest strap.  Fiddling with your watch during a fitness class, or while trying to run on the treadmill is just silly and will leave you with incorrect calorie counts.  This one you just strap on and go.  I love it. This calorie count is from a sprint circuit my gym buddy and I have been doing.  We love it, it’s great, it’s only about 6 minutes! Will share tomorrow : )

3.) My Leatherman multi-tool


This one may seem a little silly but it was actually a great buy!  I keep it in my purse and you wouldn’t believe how many time I’ve pulled it out to use it for something.  It features 10 tools including 3 screwdrivers, scissors, nail file, ruler, bottle opener, knife, and tweezers.  The scissors and the tweezers are the two most used so far.  I’m determined to be able to pull out the screwdriver one day for someone to use. BOOM  It’s light so it goes unnoticeable in your purse, and you can even put it on your key ring if you wanted.

3.) My essential oils


I have the whole set.  The box details what each one is best used for.  There are more uses than I can list but the Lavender is my favorite.  I love putting it in the bath at night.  It’s calming, smells great, and helps relax your mind and body.  If you haven’t read up on essential oils you should.  There are a million uses for them from healing to cleaning.  You can’t go wrong with a pack like this, it will cover everything.


I will leave it at that today.  I hope I’ve inspired you to hit the treadmill…. or take a bath : )


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