Favorite Things Friday

Another edition of the things I’m loving.  I’m kind of addicted to Amazon.  It’s a problem.  I haven’t made one Amazon purchase this week, and that is the first time since like September : /  See, a problem.

1.) Staedtler Triplus Fineline Pens


They are so awesome, write super smooth, pretty colors and they are GREAT for filling in my Erin Condren planner.  I’m trying to color code everything to make it even more organized.  Because that only makes sense right?  Bills in red, events in blue, sports will be in green, etc. GEEK

2.) My Polar heart rate monitor


This one is great because it has the chest strap.  Fiddling with your watch during a fitness class, or while trying to run on the treadmill is just silly and will leave you with incorrect calorie counts.  This one you just strap on and go.  I love it. This calorie count is from a sprint circuit my gym buddy and I have been doing.  We love it, it’s great, it’s only about 6 minutes! Will share tomorrow : )

3.) My Leatherman multi-tool


This one may seem a little silly but it was actually a great buy!  I keep it in my purse and you wouldn’t believe how many time I’ve pulled it out to use it for something.  It features 10 tools including 3 screwdrivers, scissors, nail file, ruler, bottle opener, knife, and tweezers.  The scissors and the tweezers are the two most used so far.  I’m determined to be able to pull out the screwdriver one day for someone to use. BOOM  It’s light so it goes unnoticeable in your purse, and you can even put it on your key ring if you wanted.

3.) My essential oils


I have the whole set.  The box details what each one is best used for.  There are more uses than I can list but the Lavender is my favorite.  I love putting it in the bath at night.  It’s calming, smells great, and helps relax your mind and body.  If you haven’t read up on essential oils you should.  There are a million uses for them from healing to cleaning.  You can’t go wrong with a pack like this, it will cover everything.


I will leave it at that today.  I hope I’ve inspired you to hit the treadmill…. or take a bath : )



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