Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches

I am a morning person.  I wake up easily, and hit the ground running.  I get everyone ready and out the door in the morning without any complaints for the most part.  However,  I do not have time to make a fresh hot breakfast for us all every single morning.  That is where these freezer breakfasts come in.  My husband Loves the breakfast burritos so I wanted to think of something else that would satisfy his “hot breakfast tooth” and save me time as well.  Enter, the freezer egg MCmuffins.  Just like McDonald’s without the trip or the price.

Freezer Egg McMuffins

English Muffins

Butter (optional)


Choice of cheese

Choice of Deli meat

Salt & Pepper

I used my Pampered Chef Brownie pan to bake the eggs.  Heated to about 400, and I did a TINY spritz of cooking spray just to ensure that my eggs would slip out.

I did half regular for the Egg Mcmuffins, and half scrambled so I could chop them up and bakes breakfast burritos too.

I toasted off my english muffins, with a tiny spritz of butter cooking spray or your could lightly spread butter onto your split muffins, toast in the heated oven for about 3-5 minutes, this is not to fully toast just to crisp up the bread to prevent sogginess.

Once eggs are baked through, I put one on each of my muffins, covered with the slice of cheese, and deli meat.  Then put the top of the muffin on and gently pressed down.

I put them back into the oven just to melt the cheese and make them stick together.

Baked Eggs

I let the assembled sandwiches cool completely then wrapped them each tightly in foil.  They were gone in two days, and that makes me a happy momma!



  1. How long do you recommend microwaving them?

  2. When frozen they will usually take about 2 minutes, or just under. However, the last 5 batches or so I have not even been freezing them. I have been making exactly what I know he will eat, and then leaving them in the fridge. They only take about 1 minute when not frozen.

  3. I don’t see how long you baked the eggs in a 400 degree oven.

  4. What are people who don’t have a fancy Pampered Chef pan using to cook the eggs? A muffin tin seems much too deep and not wide enough. Cooking them in a frying pan takes more time and mess and doesn’t make them the right shape?

  5. Colleen says:

    I think a six-muffin tin would work just fine. They sells those everywhere and they are about the same size as the brownie squares.

  6. Yes a muffing tin would work fine. They are deeper but it is still only one egg. Just be sure to spray the pan if it is not a non-stick so the eggs will fall right out.

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