Blackened Chicken with Rice Pilaf

Oooohhh…. Beautiful plate.  Yes.  Tonight we had this gorgeous blackened chicken with rice pilaf.  I just had this rice two weeks ago at my Nana’s house.  It was so good, I even ate it cold.  I couldn’t wait to make it tonight.

First let me start off by saying, isn’t that corn pretty?  Well, so was the breathtaking smoke billowing out of my kitchen windows right about the time I was snapping this picture.  Let me tell you, blackened chicken is NO JOKE!

The corn, the corn is so pretty right.

The rice pilaf, umm how can I put this, had zero taste.  Plain white rice, has more taste than this did.  I have no idea what went wrong.  I followed the directions perfectly, and it literally had zero taste.  I could taste the silver of my fork over the flavor of the rice.  I almost cried I was so disappointed in the failure, and the cup and a half of rice that I wasted down the drain!

This brings us to the chicken, which was full of flavor, thank goodness, to make up for the lack there of in the rice.  It also set off the smoke alarm in my house.  When it is 100 degrees outside, it is hard to play off having your kitchen windows open as just trying to enjoy the breeze.  The neighbors lungs may have actually been burning.  Ours were.

However, I am going to share the recipe with you because the chicken was delicious.  If anyone is brave enough to endure the lung abuse as your side dish, then this is the thing to cook.  All kidding aside, it was really good.  Spicy, juicy, and tender.

Blackened Chicken:


4 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Halves
1 Tablespoons Salt
3/4 Tablespoons Garlic powder
3/4 Tablespoons Ground black pepper
1/2 Tablespoon White Pepper
1/2 Tablespoon Onion Powder
1/2 Tablespoon Ground Cumin
1/4 Tablespoon Cayenne Pepper
1/2 Tablespoon Paprika 1/4 cup Butter – Melted

*Don’t forget the gas mask*

I only made 3 chicken breasts, thin sliced, because that is all we needed.

  1. Brush your chicken breasts with melted butter, sprinkle the seasoning on one side.
  2. Lay into HOT skillet (I used a cast iron skillet), seasoned side down, brush other side of breasts with melted butter and sprinkle with seasoning.
  3. 2 minutes on the first side, flip and brush remaining butter on the cooked side.  About 2 minutes on this side or until done and juices run clear.

So there you have it, that’s it.  It really did taste good, maybe next time I will keep a fan in the kitchen to keep things moving before it got unbearable.  I’ve had this problem before when cooking blackened chicken, it must just be all the spices.  It was brutal.

Cook at your own risk.

I will share the rice pilaf recipe when I can figure out what went wrong, and get it right. Patience.

Now, this is a cooking blog after all.  I don’t want to scare everyone off with a recipe failure.  So I leave you with this:



1 can of corn


Bam! Buttered corn.

Learn something new everyday right!




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