My MOST Favorite time of year

This is it! Tomorrow,I will officially be in fall mode.  I actually got a little head start today but switching out all of my candles for their fall replacements. Ahhhh… the smell of toasted marshmallows, warm vanilla sugar, vanilla bean, pumpkin somethin’ or other and whatever else I could find in my cabinets from the sales last year.  And I lit them ALL! Yes I wanted to start off with a bang of all things fall!

Another thing I love about fall is Football!!!  We are a total football family.  I like the game, and l love cooking for game day.  Even if it is just us three hanging around, I still like to make little finger foods to munch on all day.

I also love to bake in the fall.  This year I am going to be trying new things.  I like to bake, A LOT, which means a lot of cake batter that I like to eat before the oven ever comes into play.  I’m still trying to lose this baby weight, or I guess at this point we should be calling it toddler weight right??  Anyways, my idea to help make this happen and still get to bake all I want is to bake things that I wouldn’t want to eat myself.  Weird, I know.  But it sounds like a great diet tactic right?  I can bake all I want, share it with friends and family (hope it is good), and still not eat all that cookie dough.

If you haven’t picked up on it already I am a picky eater.  I’m working on it.  I have tried new things this year that I never thought I would ever touch.  For example: sushi, avocado, cooking with onions, poppy seeds, green onions, lettuce, asparagus and the list goes on.  So my first food gift will be these gorgeous Pumpkin Spice Loaves .  Pumpkin is just one of those things that I am not ready to try yet.  It’s too ugly, pre-puree.  Can’t do it.

I also love camping.  October equals S’mores in my book!  What is better than a S’more cookie bar.  We have plans to go camping with friends in October.  I can’t wait to try to make things over a real fire. Scary!  Now that I think about it, packing sandwiches is probably a better idea.

Stay tuned for all the delicious fall recipes coming in the next few weeks.


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